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Lazy Sitemap Generator

Just crawl your site and get an automatic sitemap. Ain’t no one got time to code it.

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  1. Copy entire lazy_sitemap_generator folder to your system/user/addons folder.
  2. On your EE backend, navigate to Developer > Addons (
  3. Scroll to Third Party Add-Ons.
  4. Find Lazy Signup Generator and click Install.
  5. Add your settings, and enjoy!


Generate Sitemap

There are two ways to generate a sitemap, as this can be a very time-intensive item.

Action URLS

Navigate to, replacing 123 with the action ID of the generate function. Sit back, and it will crawl your site.

You can also specify a URL, if you do not have one in your config, or want to specify a subdomain.

There is also a generate_fresh action, which will clear all existing sitemap URLs and start fresh.

Technically, you can use these methods inside an EE template, as {exp:lazy_sitemap_generator:generate} and {exp:lazy_sitemap_generator:generate_fresh}, but it is not recommended.

CLI Command

Using eecli.php, you can run the following command:

php eecli.php lazy_sitemap_generator:generate:sitemap

In order to generate the sitemap from the CLI. This is great for larger sites that will require a long running crawl process or you want to automate this with cron.


--fresh: Use this to run the command with deleting all old records --url: Use this to specify the URL you want to crawl. DEFAULT: your site's base_url --force: Both fresh and url will check to verify these actions. Use the force option to skip checking. Useful for crons

View Sitemap

Create a template of XML type, such as

Add the following template tag to your code:


Then generate your sitemap (see above), navigate to and enjoy!