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Welcome to the! This documentation contains all the details you need to convert documents from HTML to PDF.

API Keys

Authenticate your account by including your API key in requests. You receive an initial API key when you register your account, and can manage your API keys in the Dashboard.

Authentication to the API is added as a variable called key in your query string. For example:

It is the best practice to obscure your API key, so do not use this in a way that allows web users to see this. If you are using this on your website or app interface, it is best to use one of our plugins.

Basic Usage

In order to get your PDF, all you have to include is the url and the API key as query parameters, as such:

NOTE: both URL and KEY are required keys. Your request will return 400 (Bad Request) or 401 (Unauthenticated) if either of these are missing.

This will return the PDF directly to your browser of the rendered HTML.

Parameters also has a number of parameters you can use to format your PDF!


A url encoded string that will be set as the filename of the PDF. The .pdf extension is not required. Default: the slugified URL sent in with the request


A value to return the PDF as a download, instead of viewing in the browser. Default: false


Will not render the background images for the page. Default: false


Will render the PDF in greyscale. Default: false


Set the paper format for the PDF. Default: Letter


  • Letter: 8.5in x 11in
  • Legal: 8.5in x 14in
  • Tabloid: 11in x 17in
  • Ledger: 17in x 11in
  • A0: 33.1in x 46.8in
  • A1: 23.4in x 33.1in
  • A2: 16.54in x 23.4in
  • A3: 11.7in x 16.54in
  • A4: 8.27in x 11.7in
  • A5: 5.83in x 8.27in
  • A6: 4.13in x 5.83in


By default, will load the entire web page. If you only want what is in the specific screen view, set this option. Default: false


By default, will load all javascript on the page, and dismiss all alerts. Set this option to disable all javascript on a page. Default: false


Set this option to disable all images on the page. Default: false


Set this option to wait until all network activity on the page has ended. NOTE: If the page has long running scripts, there is a chance this will cause a timeout, or stop your PDF from rendering.


Set this option to delay X seconds before rendering the PDF. Especially useful if you have a page preloader on the page. Default: unset (This will delay for 3 seconds)